Colour as self healing force.

Let me introduce myself: I am Petra Christina and I work as a holistic therapist.

With my practice for colour experience, I want to make people more aware of what colours can mean for you.
For me, colour is a common thread in my life. A source of inspiration. I have experienced that you can use the universal language of colour in different ways. Such as providing insight into events in your life, nurturing your creativity and letting you experience joy.

The language of colour is very powerful and valuable. Through our senses we perceive colour everywhere, consciously and unconsciously. Colours are different frequencies of the light. It can be healing and soothing to work with a specific colour and be inspired.

In my practice I let you examine and experience colour.

I have created a method to give more insight into what beautiful colourful creatures we all are.

When you come to me, we will investigate which colour area requires extra attention, on the basis of 'the flower of your life'. I use 12 basic colours for this, which in turn are linked to different life experiences. Within those life experiences, certain themes can play a more important role. When becoming clear which theme is important to you, and what you can do with it, it will give you more peace and space.

profielfoto of Petra with a bunch of roses

My colourful background

From an early age I have always enjoyed making things myself. From clothing, interior, flower decorations to cooking. With an eye for detail and beauty, I always try to look for beautiful materials and color combinations. Creating a cosy environment is something I love to do. I gained work experience at Laura Ashley in the wallpaper and fabrics department, and baked cakes in a Patisserie. In a sewing studio I hemmed wedding dresses and made soft furnishings for the Ariadne at Home, a Dutch magazine. I completed my training as a flower stylist in 2002. In 2003 I started my company 'de Festoen' from home and than moved to the beautiful Fort Penningsveer, where I gave cookery and floral decoration workshops. And made floral decorations on commission, always using seasonal fresh products, with a predilection for the romantic country style.

circle with 12 different colors

In 2006 I discovered the Aura-Soma color system. And because colour always played a role as a common thread in my creative material world, I thought it was a great way to immerse myself in colour symbolism. This is an extensive system about colours, which touched my soul. It has shown me that we are beautiful colourful beings, all in search of the wisdom of love and light. And I have experienced that there is more than our physical body, that everything is energy and you can use this positively. During that period I started giving workshops and consultations based on colour.

I also know that life is not always a bed of roses. The last ten years, I have experienced as very intense. Grief and loss played a major role in my life in this past period. Being able to lovingly embrace these experiences has enriched me and given me tools to inspire others to become true masters of the art of living.

During a session with a visualization on the holistic family- and child therapist training in 2015, I experienced myself in a space where nothing existed. I made a collage of what emerged afterwards, embroidered the essence of it and thus gave shape to the basis that I now use when giving consultations.

I have studied at:

Nieuwetijdcentrum Lichtkind Lichtvlinder
Holistic family- en child therapy
Colour therapy

Individuel consultations

A consultation with me could offer you tools to:

  • be able to give words to feelings and emotions

  • express yourself creatively

  • experience more joy

  • appreciate the little things in life

  • better understand yourself and others

  • provide insight into how you and your family react to each other

  • be more loving in life

  • accept yourself as you are

  • to celabrate life

Among other things, I make use of:

  • a holistic way of looking at any question you may have

    we can work with it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

    • we investigate where you can focus on best

    • you decide which direction that will be

    • we strive for a balance between body, mind and soul

  • a universal language that is hidden behind color

    colour was one of the first forms of communication

    • colours support the self-healing ability

    • you may benefit from being inspired by a chosen colour for a period of time

    • intuitively you know which colour you need

  • constellations

    this can help to give a 3 dimensional idea of your question

    • what gives you energy, or what does cost you energy

    • what is your place in the family

    • what does the space look like in which you feel comfortable

  • creative expression

    how to you use your creativity to shape your authenticity

    • often this offers inner peace

    • we start with this in a simple way

    • think of making collages, drawing, writing, visualizations

You will use the acquired knowledge and insights about your inner rainbow to live a more conscious and colourful life.

* you are more aware of yourSelf
* you live from your radiant centre
you shape your own place in the world

  • initial consultation:

    90 minutes € 90,-

  • in-depth follow-up consultation:

    60 minutes € 60,-

consultations are for adults and children

Marlies: "I had the pleasure of attending a colour session with you. Very special to arrive at a story through colours and a wonderful entrance to see unconscious desires emerge in colour. You guided me with loving attention through colour to my own desire. I felt safe and welcome.

It was again surprising and wonderful to be creative. The colour flower and the collage hang in a visible place in the house. A consultation with you brings colour to your life."

Madeleine: "Yes it was certainly nice... the constalation was special... and it is already having a significant impact...

Thank you for the beauty...!! This also suits you and your softness..."

Mireille: Thank you very much for your nice report and explanation. I'm going to give the collage a nice place.

Thank you for the insights and for further growth in my development."

Agenda 2024

after attending a workshop you get a discount on a personal consultation, see consults on top

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Same workshop as above

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Workshops with your own group?

Colour workshop

Living with colour

As an intimate group, we will experience colour and how you can use that more consciously in your daily life. We will learn from and with each other in an interactive way about how colour affects us and how it can affect your well-being.

We mix, smell and listen to the different colour frequencies of the light.

The colour blue gives a completely different experience than the colour yellow. Could you describe the difference?

This is a full day workshop with lunch as an option. It can also be divided over two half days with some time in between. Than it is nice to hear from each other what the colour knowledge has brought you in the time in between.

Consider colleagues, family members together, groups of friends.

 mixing colors of paint

Other workshops

flower crown for your hair

Roll up your sleeves

A wonderful opportunity to pamper yourself. In a small group we will use colourful materials.

This can be with floral decorations, cooking or handicrafts. I use seasonal materials and inspiration, for example;

flower wreath for your hair - crochet roses - date balls with edible flowers

Working with your hands can help you not to be in your head all the time. It can even create a meditative calming state of being. Even if you 'think' this isn't for you. Come and be surprised by your own creativity.

Learning little tricks that you will be able to do at home, such as using edible flowers in your recepies, making thoughtful little gifts for giving to others or for keeping yourself. The enjoyment is to be present in the moment, to amaze yourself about your creativity. Going home with a happy feeling.

I hope to inspire you with these workshops to celebrate life!

for more information, there are several options

workshops from € 35,- per persoon, inclusive of coffee with sweets, not including materials

These workshops are mainly given in the Netherlands and France, but on request also elsewhere.

Do not hesitate to contact me

I must have flowers, always and always

Looking forward to meeting you

Petra Christina

Gangwerf 11 C
1676 GA Twisk
+31 (0) 6 27096160

I regurlary stay in France, close to Conques, in the departement Aveyron. You can sent me a mail to ask when I am there to give consultations and workshops, and you can also keep an eye on the agenda.

L'École de Pomiès
282 Route du Barry
FR-12320 Senergues

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